CHANGING GENDER ROLES AS A SOLUTION? A Reading of Mahesh Dattani’s Final Solutions Dr. Sumita Roy Osmania University Hyderabad. The very fact. Contents. Preface. 7. Introduction to English Drama in English. 9. Mahesh Dattani : Life and Works. A Critical Analysis of Final Solutions. Act I. Act I. Final Solutions has 69 ratings and 0 reviews: Paperback.

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Ramnik lives only to expiate the guilt which the action of the earlier generations has fostered in him.

These discursive frameworks and the kind of actions they instigate are integral to the processes of postcolonial subalternization as a result of which the new subaltern begins to feel a sense of unbelongingness owing to the multiple deprivations and injustices that he is subjected to and they may well generate a sense of hostility towards the nation-state in question. In fact, ever since independence India witnessed a steady rise of the discourse of majoritarian communalism which inevitably developed a sense of fear, humiliation and consequent resentment in the Muslim communities that became all the more acute in the wake of the violent communal politics that gripped India since the s, culminating in such barbaric deeds as the demolition of the Babri Masjid and the consequent riots, as well as the genocide of Smita suggests taking the help of Bobby.

Ramanik offers them milk. It is these examples of administrative collusion which exacerbate those forces of marginalisation which push certain sections of the society to the peripheries by subjecting them to various kinds of deprivation and injustice.


One can easily see how a play like this can serve as oil on such troubled waters if it is read, viewed and appreciated dattqni the right spirit. He welcomes the warmth of my hand.

Final Solutions: A Stage Play

Rahul Jain rated it liked it Sep 20, Because we wanted the shop. Vaishnavi rated it it was amazing May 25, Also the role and position of women have changed enormously in the forty years that have passed since independence.

Ramanik is moved and calls Javed brave. My flesh is holding Him! The minorities all over the country have seen the experiments in ethnic cleansing and the attempts to break the economic backbone of the Muslim community.

Final Solutions: A Stage Play by Mahesh Dattani

Mahesh Dattani is an Indian director, actor, playwright and writer. His mother, Hardika is taken aback at his attitude and cannot make any sense of his superhuman effort first to induce Javed to take the job and then to refuse to continue doing business in his shop. An idol of Hindu God is broken down. There were rumours that during the Rath Yatra of Hindus, some Muslims threw stones on the chariots that made solutinos idols of God to fall and break into pieces and even Pujari was stabbed to death.

And he welcomes it!

The Location of Culture. Golwalkar would go on to assert: I was swayed by what now appears to me as cheap sentiment.

Mahesh Dattani

He reached the chariot and tried to stab Pujari but the latter begged for mercy and thus he became still. We, our children and grandchildren — above all, the Gujaratis — will have to learn to live with a state of civil war. She does not believe in conforming to the norms laid solutkons by familial or societal traditions and prefers to be an individual in her own right. The two men who not only burnt the shop of the Muslim family whom Daksha had befriended vinal also believed that all Muslims should leave datttani Pakistan are far removed in temperament from Ramnik.


Ramanik requests her mother not to blame them. I am touching God! Smita, Bobby and Javed go out to bring water. Published first published Also, given that they have been arguably the first maheesh riots in India — riots taking place in front of TV cameras — their impact will be pan-Indian and international. Will they be able to forgive or remain entrapped in that same cycle of sterile hate?

Final Solutions Summary | Mahesh Dattani | English Summary

Manasa rated it it was amazing Feb 03, Islam and Christianity came from outside and are therefore foreign. They hunt us down! As Partha Chatterjee illustrates with numerous examples, a number of major Bengali thinkers and authors began by imagining the nation as a primarily Hindu entity, within which however, even originally anti-Hindu and anti-Brahmin religions like Buddhism, Jainism or Sikhism could be subsumed, and placed both Islam and Christianity as alien forces which could not be included within the imagined community of India.